Manage your house remotely with the help of Smart house systems

In case of purchase of an apartment in Flexi Bagebi project, you will be given a smart home system with the help of which you will be able to manage remotely the following products installed at home:

Smart Lock - With a smart door lock you will forget about keys  forever. Your door will be automatically locked from now on and you will be able to open it with the following methods: by fingerprint or code generated by you. Each member of the family can have an individual code and accordingly fingerprint. By means of special application, you will have information about the time. when the family members have visited the apartment.

Management of Control Panel - If the number of remote control panels  increases at home, it is sometimes difficult to understand which one of them is used for a particular purpose. Here a universal device comes to our aid: it is a miniature device of flying plate form and it is compatible with almost every household appliance of remote control. All this is controlled by an application that will be installed on your mobile device.

Smoke Detector - This device is a smoke detector that helps you to prevent fire.

Cigarette end, bedroom lamp, candle, technique of high power consumption, charger on the bed, old wiring ... this is an incomplete list of things that can cause fire. The device is activated immediately after the smoke is detected and switches the alarm system on. It sends a notification on the smartphone where you can observe the situation through the application. If necessary, you can contact the Fire Service or even deal with the problem yourself before it becomes complicated.


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